Month: July 2008

  • My Space

    It’s the new blog craze that’s sweeping the nation. Here’s a picture of my workspace. Like so many others, it doubles as my bedroom. The bed’s just to your left. Since this picture was taken, El Pais has been covered with at least another three layers of cruft. Occasionally all of the magazines on the […]

  • Fatal – now with added YouTube

    For those who had problems with the QuickTime version.

  • My first short

    Hullo. I wrote and directed a short film. Here it is. Fatal

  • Screenwriters Festival

    Fortunately Lee Thomson (he smiles, you know) has a roundup of other people’s thoughts on the festival which means that I don’t have to. I believe some comedic pictures of the event may also be available from Jason Arnopp. The majority of them, sadly, are on facebook, and I find myself completely unable to recollect […]

  • Customer Service FAIL

    As I mentioned recently, I wrote to Heinz to complain about them pulling an ad with two men kissing. They wrote back to me today with the following: “Dear Piers Thank you for your recent email regarding the Heinz UK commercial for Deli Mayo. Consumer feedback is very important to us and we appreciate the […]