Month: June 2006

  • Bleurgh

    Bingo draft zero is finished at last. And two whole hours to go before the midnight deadline. Everyone involved in this challenge made it through with a finished script, and three new screenplays are birthed screaming and bloody into the world. To be sure, mine doesn’t make much sense, it all goes a bit Scooby-Doo […]

  • I’ve got snakes on the brain

    If you’re not aware of it already (and if not, why not?) the most eagerly anticipated film of 2006 is Snakes on a Plane. Thanks to the title (That’s the only reason I took the job: I read the title – Samuel L Jackson) there’s an Internet buzz about this that we haven’t seen since […]

  • D2DVD – Number Crunching

    Based on the Arguments set out in the last post, we have a 13-episode D2DVD TV series created by a famous showrunner and pre-sold to one overseas territory. Now let’s take a look at the business argument. The RRP of a Firefly box-set (a 13-episode series) is $50 for 13 episodes plus commentaries, extras, etc. […]

  • D2DVD – the series

    The very clever Mr Bill Cunningham believes that the time is right for a D2DVD television series. So, let’s take a look at some of the requirements needed for success. Axiom One:We want quality entertainment. Axiom Two:We are here to make a profit. OK, what can we derive from that? First things first. Quality entertainment. […]

  • Aquaman is down with this

    Arthur Curry takes a meeting. Genius.

  • Fourteen Days

    I’m not participating in the 14 day screenwriting challenge. This is mostly because I don’t think it’s do-able. (At least, not for people who haven’t been training for months in high-altitude screenwriting training camps in the mountains.) 90 pages over 14 days is about 6.5 pages a day. That’s a hard slog for a professional […]

  • Irrepressible

  • And Kirk is, like, an Ocelot or something

    I always liked to think of myself as a fairly tolerant man, but I suppose that it had to happen eventually. I have found my personal squick line. I have met and enjoyed the company of many people who happily describe themselves as being furry. If they enjoy the adventures of, or the lifestyles of, […]