Month: August 2012

  • I’m talking about you, not to you.

    So you might have noticed that I use Twitter a lot. For those of you who don’t, it’s a way of staying in touch while on the move. Bite-sized chunks of content, 140 characters per tweet. Originally, there was no way to “call out” to another user, and your messages would just be broadcast to […]

  • Things You Should See In Edinburgh

    I’m not going to Edinburgh this year, but several friends are. You should go and see them. They’re very good. Under Your Feet, 2:05pm, 4-25 August, Venue 148. Elise Harris tells you about the things under your feet. Some of what she tells you may even be true.Sex, Lyres and Audiotape, 8:35pm, 13-18 August, Venue […]

  • Persona Trailer

    Well look’ee here! It’s only a preview of Mel’s Persona! Why not watch the trailer before putting on a DVD in order to get the full cinema experience? You may also want to watch ten minutes of adverts, and pay well over the odds for some soda and popcorn. The new season of Persona starts […]