So I wrote a thing. That’s a picture of it being filmed.

Persona is a drama for smartphones. Every weekday, you get two new 90-second episodes delivered to your iPhone or Android.

Watch them on the bus! Or the train! Or the tube! (If you’re in one of those new WiFi enabled stations, otherwise you’re SOL.) Or your house! (Which is where I watch it. You really ought to keep that spare key somewhere less obvious.)

The new season starts on the 6th of August, and you can watch it wherever you like using the app for Android phones, or the app for iPhones.

On giving 110%

Some people (possibly the same as those that argue that Doctor Who isn’t Doctor Who’s Name or that “they” isn’t a perfectly good singular pronoun that’s been in use for centuries) have occasionally been known to argue that it’s not possible to give 110%.

Of course it is.

Let’s take a look at George Osborne, who I’m told recently said on ITN news that he was “110% focussed on the economy”.

Let’s assume that he was previously spending, oh, ten hours a week focussing on the economy. (This may be generous, given the complete rat’s arse he’s making of it.)

Anyway, all he has to do is spend an extra hour thinking about it. Bingo, 110% focussed on the economy.

Job’s a good’un.

(Well, not his, obv. He’s rubbish at it.)