Month: May 2009

  • The same act of writing, but in real time.

    Stephen Gallagher has written a post about how the freelance writing process works in US TV. And there’s a promise of another post on the Writers’ Room system coming soon. Well worth your time.

  • SAG negotiations

    I don’t have a horse in this race, unlike the WGA strike. But the members of the Screen Actors Guild are now deciding whether or not to accept a proposal squeezed through by 53% of the SAG Board. So, not exactly a roaring endorsement. You can take a look at the highlights, together with arguments […]

  • Adaptation

    Earlier this year I wrote an article for the Spring 09 issue of the Writers’ Guild magazine about how I adapted A Christmas Carol for the stage. Should you be tempted to give it the once-over, the Guild has just made it available online.

  • Special Offer

    I’ve blogged before about why I think you should join the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain. But I think it’s worth going through it one more time. They have a┬ávery good pension scheme They will have their lawyers look through your contracts in order to prevent you from being fucked There is a welfare fund […]

  • Grinding slow but exceedingly fine

    There’s been no blog posting this week due to a combination of script revisions and working out of Elstree, travel to and from which took a big chunk out of my time for the last fortnight. Instead, here’s something I was actually supposed to do almost a year ago, which is: list seven songs I’m […]