Month: July 2006

  • Support your local wordslinger

    Someone has to write the words. Not necessarily to put in the mouths of the contestants, but to delineate the scenario. To work out the plot. To create the challenges. This is a job.It’s a writing job. And twelve brave people have gone on strike to prove it. These people are writers. If you work […]

  • Direct to DVD

    It seems that Babylon 5 creator Joe Straczynski will be making some D2DVD stories set in the B5 Universe. Aint It Cool and Jan report on the announcement at Comic-Con. Interestingly, neither Variety or The Hollywood Reporter have picked up on this story at the time of posting. Some interesting points: 1) I listed Straczynski […]

  • Warning – Includes Spoilers

    I’d like to take a moment to point out the gaping plot hole at the heart of Superman Returns.

  • Big Up The Severance Massive

    Er… quite where that headline came from, I don’t know. Anyhow. New brit horror Severance, from the twisted mind of James Moran, is released on the 25th August. Here’s the website. OK, I say website. Really it’s just a trailer. But it’s a damn good trailer.

  • Ghost Story

    The ghost of an English soldier who died more than a hundred years ago in Gaya, India, haunts the local graveyard, appearing to locals and passers-by after dark. He can only be pacified by offerings of tea and biscuits. Truth.

  • Snakes on a… Whatever

    Do any of these titles and posters seem perhaps… vaguely familiar? David Michael Latt of The Asylum talks about his roster of new DVD releases.

  • Interacting with your audience

    With Peter Tolan, writer of Rescue Me, getting seriously burned recently while talking about his show on a message board, I’ve been thinking about how far a writer should go towards interacting with fans. Indeed, Denis McGrath argues that writers should never ever talk to their audience. So it’s with great interest that I’d like […]

  • Here goes the Ninja with the Ninja Review

    A Ninja reviews Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

  • Treading the boards

    I went to see a play a few months ago.  You’ll probably not have heard of it.  It was called “Their Very Own And Golden City”, by Arnold Wesker. It’s a story about a man called Andrew Cobham, an architect with a vision and a passion – to build a beautiful place for people to live, and work, and play, and dream. No reason you should have come across the play, I […]