Month: January 2008

  • He Sells Sanctuary

    Trade news today: Web series Sanctuary, created by Stargate alumnus Damian Kindler, has just been picked up for 13 episodes by SciFi. I actually interviewed him about it a while back, so nice to see it’s all working out well. This is the second web series within as many months that’s been acquired by a […]

  • Strike no-news

    The AMPTP and the negotiating committee continue to talk behind the scenes about what they might talk about at the negotiating table when they get back to negotiating. Nikki Finke is positive but, hell, we’ve been positive before just before the AMPTP tried to fuck us in the ear. (You’ll note that, as predicted in […]

  • I’m only surprised it didn’t happen sooner, really.

    World of WhoreCraft. Sadly, it seems that a cease-and-desist order from Blizzard has resulted in a name-change. However, if hot elf action is your thing, you’ll be pleased to know that someone has listened to your telepathic entreaties. Link is SFW. Though fairly obviously, if you wish to search them out, the actual videos are […]

  • Science Fiction / Double Feature

    Two things. Thing the first: This year, I shall be going to Eastercon, and I think you should too. Every year, there’s a british national science fiction convention, held over the Easter Weekend. (Thus the imaginative name). People who like SF gather, talk, drink, listen to the guests speak, and generally have fun. There’s pub […]

  • If you look at the map, you’ll see a number of properties in the waterfront region…

    Can you believe this sketch was rejected? I’m not sure the out works, but that’s fixable. And the rest of it’s delicious.

  • Dollars and sense

    Cost to NBC in ad revenue due to cancellation of this year’s Golden Globes award: $15-$20msource Cost to NBC of agreeing to every single one of the writers’ demands for the next three years: $22.32msource And we haven’t even got to the Oscars yet. Staying away from the negotiating table is simply not good business.

  • Pilot season is on the Internet this year

    So… You’re a working writer. Only you’re not at the moment, because you’re on strike. (See pavements passim.) You’ve got a lot of friends in the industry working as camera operators, riggers, teamsters, and so on who can’t work at the moment because you’re on strike. How can you support them? Well… given that this […]

  • Elegance, and solving the Pun-Pun problem

    One of the things that gives me immense pleasure in the world is solving a problem. It’s why I do cryptic crosswords.It’s why I started out as a programmer.It’s why I became an internet strategist, then a website editor.It’s why I write. In writing, it’s finding the right line, the right character, the right plot […]