Month: November 2006

  • Michael Grade to become chair of ITV

    Well, that one came out of left field, didn’t it? ITV has been in a lot of well-publicised trouble this last few years. From a lack of direction at the top, to declining ratings, to critical savagings, to several failed takeovers, things have been going from bad to worse for what is still the only […]

  • Target Practice

    While out on Saturday with UK screenbloggers, I made a promise which may seem somewhat foolhardy. I asked each of them what their target for next year was, and promised a bottle of Sainsbury’s own brand champagne if they achieved it. (Not such a bad prize – apparently it beats all of the more expensive […]

  • Good news for our libidinous Christian friends

    God says Threesomes are fine. In related news: Gaius Baltar. You dog.

  • Long Pig for our Robot Overlords

    Oh, the fools. Do they not understand what they’ve done? A robot has been constructed that is capable of tasting. And what do humans taste like? Bacon. Well, that’s that for the human race then. EDIT: Jokes Made By Robots, For Robots Learn these by heart, and be prepared to quote them to our mechanical […]

  • Back 9 For 60

    Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip has picked up a back 9. So that’s all right then. Here’s what that actually means: A US TV season is commissioned initially for 13 episodes. They’ve generally got about half-a-dozen in the production chain by the time they start airing, and are starting to prep the last half […]

  • It’s just gone 3am here in the UK.

    And the election results are beginning to come in from the US. BBC News has the latest here. They’ll keep updating as the night goes on. I can’t stay up with you any longer to find out the makeup of the 110th Congress of the United States. But nothing is certain at this point. Tomorrow […]

  • I dread to think what would happen if he had to fight Chuck Norris

    The top 100 Jack Bauer Facts. Truth.

  • If you’re reading this in America…

    Hello. Now get off your damn ass and vote. Thank you.