Snake! Snake! Ooooh, it’s a sna-aaake…

So I went to see Snakes On A Plane over the weekend.

It was absolutely bloody brilliant.

If you’re not going to like a B-movie (for that’s what it is), don’t bother. Some people will just never enjoy a movie with such a dumb concept.

I pity such people.

If you like B-movies, however, this is a little marvel. It’s well-constructed, mostly well-acted, and has many people being killed by snakes.

It’s just bloody good fun.

One piece of advice – make sure you see it with as many other people in the theatre as possible. A Friday or Saturday evening would be ideal.

Lost Girls

The Onion AV Club interviews comics legend Alan Moore about Lost Girls, his pornographic comic book and collaboration with fiancée Melinda Gebbie.

Sixteen years in the making. So it’s all legal.