Into The Dark

[blows dust off the blog]

Well. Hello. Been a while since I’ve powered this thing up.

A book cover featuring an artists impression of a Black Hole, with the title Into The Dark: Short Stories of Science Fiction and Horror.

I’ve got a new book out.

It’s called Into The Dark and is a collection of science fiction / horror short stories. About 28,000 words of them, all told. Some have been published previously, and some are debuting in this collection.

It’s available for $2.99 if you buy it from the Amazon US store or £2.35 from Amazon UK. If you use a different Amazon store it should be listed on that too in your local currency. Or if you’ve got Kindle Unlimited, it’s absolutely free.

Within these pages you’ll find what happens when…

  • The natural constants of the universe begin to change.
  • It’s too late for a television reporter to realise he’s a part of the story.
  • The surveillance state meets a programmer anxious to impress his girlfriend.
  • One of the crew must perform a spacewalk from a starship travelling at half the speed of light.
  • A scientist discovers a new species of life on Earth hiding in plain sight.
  • The crew of a starship mysteriously vanish in an instant.
  • A hard-boiled detective – who’s also a Tyrannosaur – takes on a missing persons case.

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