Month: February 2011

  • Why the Dead Island trailer is one of the best short films you’ll ever see

    If you haven’t seen this yet, it’s embedded below. Watch it now, because there be spoilers ahead. I’ll wait. Right. So, what’s so good about that then, eh? It’s just a zombie attack done backwards, right? Wrong. It’s a fucking masterpiece of emotional film-making, is what. Let me talk you through it. Fade in close […]

  • Those Panels In Full

    So here’s what I’m down for at Redemption this year… Friday 4pm – Spies in Science Fiction. There’s a surprisingly high crossover. Friday 6pm – Artificial Intelligence. I actually did a degree in this, back in the day. Saturday 2pm – Does listening to fans make a show better or worse? If you don’t see […]

  • Redemption 11

    This is a quick plug for the SF convention that I’ll be attending in a few weeks. It’s called Redemption, and is really rather good. There will be many lovely people there, including Guests of Honour Ben Aaronovitch and Simon Guerrier. As usual, I shall be on a few panels over the course of the […]