Month: May 2007

  • Give generously

    Top news. James Moran (of Severance fame) has only got not one, but two of the best jobs going – not only is he writing for the next series of Torchwood, it’s just been announced he’s got a gig on the next series of Doctor Who! Brilliant news. We’re all trying to club together to […]

  • Me Too

    You know last year, when suddenly we all started re-watching Firefly at the same time? Well, within the last few weeks, it seems that everyone I know has discovered The Wire. Go on. Treat yourself.

  • State of Play

    Been a while since I mentioned what I’ve been working on recently… So here they are. Con Anon – Sitcom with Christine PattonDone, dusted, finito. Next thing is to start sending it out to radio producers with a note saying “We are teh funny”. Con Anon has only had one rejection. That’s because we’ve only […]

  • I has a loltrek

    It turns out those pictures of cats with amusing captions have a name. They’re called lolcats. They has a flavour. And that flavour is Star Trek.

  • Ah, dammit.

    It seems that Joost doesn’t run on Macs without an Intel processor. On the other hand, the BBC’s iPlayer doesn’t run on any Macs at all. So, you know, could be worse. I’m particularly sad about the loss of Joost, because they apparently have episodes of Total Recall 2070. At least for those of us […]

  • Clams and Toppers.

    If you don’t have Jane Espenson‘s blog on your must-read list, you really ought to. She writes regularly on the process of creating spec scripts. Also, about what she had for lunch, but as that’s a story on a par with Tom Baker’s Scarf, we’ll let it slide. Having started out as a comedy writer, […]

  • Why talent is irrelevant

    Some people claim that writing can’t be taught. That there’s an indefinable spark in a few which, in time, will blossom. That if you don’t have such a spark, training will do nothing for you. That hard work and experience is not as important as talent. This point of view is, in a word, bollocks. […]