Month: May 2008

  • Well-read. And not at all competitive.

    John August got 38, while the delightful Helen Smith clocks in at sixty-odd (I can’t remember the exact number) of the 1,001 books you should read before you die. I was pleasantly surprised to find I come in somewhere between 99 and 103. The extra four being books I remember starting, but can’t recall actually […]

  • High Concept


  • Single? Male? Thirties?

    You should go to the cinema tonight, and then pop out to a local bar afterwards. Seriously. It’ll be like shooting fish in a barrel.

  • Indiana Jones and the Crushing Disappointment

    Well. That was a waste of money. When you’re watching a film and keep thinking: “Wow. That’s a great bit of production design,” then there’s something seriously wrong. Go see Iron Man instead. It has an actual honest-to-god story, that makes sense, that shows and doesn’t tell, has a subtext, and just as many things […]

  • Hooray!

    Steven Moffat has just been announced as the next showrunner for Doctor Who. This is immensely good news. Celebrate, then go about your business.

  • On-swa! On-swa!

    I’ve just finished playing Ico. It’s a game for the PS2 in which you have to escape from a castle – and take your companion with you. The game is beautifully drawn, and instead of music features a soundtrack of ambient sound: the wash of waves on cliffs, gulls crying on the wing. The light […]

  • Ye Canna Change The Laws O’ Physics

    Due to some sort of alien sabotage, my server has exploded with a resulting loss of website and email. Mr Scott is hard at work in the depths of the engine room trying to get it fixed even as we speak, but I don’t know how long it’ll take. Or how long the artificial gravity […]

  • Bow before my science-fictional knowledge

    First place. Xbox 360 and more DVDs than you can shake a stick at. Damn, we’re good.

  • The Five Stages of Grief

    I’ve moved through Denial and am now onto Anger. I mean, seriously London, WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING? Did you just suddenly wake up STUPID yesterday? I am so angry about this, I’m in serious danger of