Month: January 2006

  • Number 5627

    Yesterday was a good day. I finished Draft Zero of my first feature, and my membership card arrived from the Writers Guild. I feel all warm and professional inside. But the arrival of my slightly sticky so-cheap-it’s-made-of-waxed-paper membership card does make me wonder. The Writers Guild of Great Britain was formed in 1958. That’s a […]

  • Ooh, Bettie

    How did I miss this? Beautiful star of screen and magazine Ms Bettie Page is about to have a biopic of her very own. Trailer here. Some of Bettie’s greatest tease films can be bought at a very reasonable price from Amazon. May I recommend sticking them on in the background and playing hardcore techno? […]

  • Chip. Chip. Chip.

    So Danny has been talking about getting into a routine. Routines are good. Routines help. Without a routine, you’re never going to make money from your writing. Thing is, any bugger can pretend to be a writer by waiting for the muse to strike. I firmly believe that everyone has a novel (or script, or […]