Month: September 2006

  • One Page Challenge

    From Red Right Hand comes a simple request. Put up one page that you have written within the last year. No explanations, no excuses. Here you go.

  • Another problem solved

    Having trouble thinking up ideas for your next epic? Great news. Those helpful folk at How To Write Screenplays. Badly. have the solution to your woes. From the people who brought you Rapebear. He’s the bear – that rapes.

  • Haiku

    Japanese poem Five syllables, then seven Then five at the last To be true haiku A season must be invoked Use a metaphor Kigo, season word Cherry blossom used for spring Snow stands for winter Now use a cutting Haiku should be two pieces Complementary For english haiku Merely form will be enough Five, seven, […]

  • I got your phone number written in the back of my bible

    Right now I’m writing a proposal for a drama series, with a shiny spec script attached. The cards are off the board, and it’s straight to script, no time for a treatment. The second episode, no less, because according to Katharine Way, writing the first or last episode is just far too easy. Huh. Anyways, […]


    The UK version of Netflix is called Lovefilm. Here’s how it works: You tell them what DVDs you want to watch, and they post them to you. When you’re done, you post them back, and they send you another from your list to replace it. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. Just like Netflix, they have a […]

  • 9/13

    Never Forget.

  • Abandoned

    Sometimes a town or city dies. Here are some pictures.

  • The Nature of Justice (some SoaP spoilers)

    MaryAn Batchellor has a problem with the ending of Snakes On A Plane. Specifically the fact that Eddie Kim, the man who put the Snakes on the Plane in the first place, doesn’t get brought to messy justice on-screen. One of the things I loved about SoaP is the fact that it *isn’t about Eddie […]

  • Finished. (For the moment.)

    Phew. The latest draft of Decaying Orbit (previously known as Persephone) is done. This is the last of the heavy lifting (if I’ve done my job right). All of the characters are in place; all of the plot is there. Everything should make sense. For this draft I went through every scene, line by line, […]