Month: February 2007

  • Gumball 3000 Winners Announced

    You can see who they are here. As Phill Barron has posted his unsuccessful treatment on the web. I feel duty bound to release my own for your amusement. It should be noted that mine was rejected sooner than Phill’s, who made it to the top ten. Suffice it to say I came out much […]

  • You can’t run forever, Jack

    How happy was I? The script for Heat Vision and Jack, as previously recommended by this site. Also available at The Weekly Script are pilots for Desperate Housewives and Bewitched. And there’s plenty more where they came from. Get reading. This is work, remember?


    From The Hollywood Reporter: It seems that MGM is the latest studio to jump into the D2DVD market. Interesting news. And just possibly related to the recent decision to create two Direct to DVD Stargate movies. MGM owns the franchise, whose TV run is now coming to an end after ten years on two networks. […]

  • 2000AD in 2000AD

    David Bishop edited 2000AD seven years ago, before moving on to fresh pastures. Before doing so, he wrote a rough guide to putting together a weekly comic as reference material for his successors. If you’re at all interested in the technical aspects of running a comic, this is a fascinating read.