Month: April 2008

  • Hooray For Us!

    This just in from the Guardian: Being Human, the flatshare-with-monsters show that I raved about along with Oli, Jason, Rob, and David has been commissioned to series. Not only does this prove that we are all gentlemen of exquisite taste, but also that quality genre series have a home on British TV, and that willing […]

  • Rogers Moore

    John Rogers is a rather fine screenwriter. His works include the vastly under-rated The Core, and a pilot for a Global Frequency TV show (which, sadly, wasn’t picked up). He also wrote one of the drafts of Catwoman, and was unfortunate enough to have his name on the finished product. But he’s really sorry about […]

  • Letters from America: Introduction

    Gah. Haven’t posted a thing on the blog for a couple of weeks. This must stop. Lest Stuart Perry decide that it’s Karma Payback Time and swing by for a drive-by commenting, I have a new plan. Reprints. As popularised by Danny Stack, the plan is a simple one. Should I not have anything interesting […]