Month: August 2008

  • Cardiff TAPS

    This weekend, I shall mostly be on a TAPS Continuing Drama course in Cardiff. TAPS is an industry training scheme for writers. For two-and-a-half days you get taught how to write a Continuing Drama (with particular emphasis on Emmerdale), and then you go away and write a short drama using the Emmerdale sets. Some of […]

  • Screenwriter Training

    An interesting post the other day at Tim Clague’s gaff on training courses got me thinking. In any job you get, there’s a training budget. If we’re professionals, then we should have a training budget too. For things like screenwriting courses, conferences, residential workshops and so on. (Or, if you swing that way, on script […]

  • Short Film Funding

    I just found out that 15 London boroughs are offering you money to make a short film. Info here. Deadlines to get your application in range from the 5th September to the 1st October, depending on which borough you live in.

  • Short Films – Lessons Learned

    I made a short film, Fatal. The absolute best thing about making a film is that you learn what not to do next time. So in the spirit of saving you some trouble when you make your first short film, here’s a few things I learned. Have a suitable script I knew that the film […]

  • Letters from America: Late in the night.

    I finally cracked my problem with the Enterprise plot breakdown last night. It was a matter of reconciling inner and outer conflict, as recommended in all the best screenwriting books. Only once T’pol is able to come to terms with the fact that she’s metaphorically gay can she work out how to destroy the monster […]