Month: September 2007

  • Also, my Heaven contains a beer volcano and a stripper factory.

    I don’t believe in God. Any of ’em. This is based on a lifetime of experience. Specifically, evidence of God in the world. To wit: there isn’t any. There’s lots of people saying their God’s the right one, but actual evidence? Well, not so much. You’d think that if there was a big fella in […]

  • Why the name of a cat can be the most important thing in the world

    You may have read recently about the problem with Socks. The basic story goes like this: The BBC ran an online poll to choose the name of the new Blue Peter cat. The name Socks was winning until the end, when there was a sudden burst of support for Cookie. A decision was made to […]


    Jared von Hindman has gone to the trouble of finding D&D’s stupidest monsters ever.

  • What We Need More Of Is Science

    Interesting news just in from Variety. It seems that Jerry Bruckheimer Productions have sealed a deal with CBS to produce an adaptation of Stephen Gallagher‘s series Eleventh Hour. I’ve talked about why Eleventh Hour failed before. To save you clicking on the link: for a series that was supposed to be about science, the producers […]

  • Scientologists prove Cybermen to be utterly terrifying

    I was out during my lunch hour yesterday when I happened to pass an outpost of the Church of Scientology. And they were offering free stress tests. Well, I had to stop really. The machine they use – an e-meter – is a big old clunky device with an old-fashioned meter on the front, and […]

  • Songs of Innocence and Experience

    Some time ago Blogful Martin tagged me with the following meme: Imagine you’re in a particular kind of movie, and what your soundtrack will be. So, some time later, here we go: SF Revenge ThrillerI’m a bent police officer who gets shot before the opening credits. But they missed my heart. Reborn as a murderous […]

  • “I’m knockin’ on your door, baby.”

    Here’s a blast from the past for anyone who used to watch old 70s cop shows: Kresky, the disco-lovin’ cop. For some bizarre reason, I’d forgotten all about it until now. But reading the episode guide brings back all those memories. Particularly the hot tubs. Here in the UK it was shown by LWT early […]

  • The responsibility of the artist

    There’s a very interesting conversation going on at Lucy‘s right now about censorship, self-censorship, and misogyny. With sidelines into racism, misandry, the glorification of Nazism and the nature of art. Check it out.