Month: July 2007


    Twisted, Genius, and Cute, all in one language. LOLCODE. A programming language for lolcats. Some examples follow. First… Well, what else could possibly be first? HAICAN HAS STDIO?VISIBLE “HAI WORLD!”KTHXBYE And here’s an if/then construct with some I/O action: HAICAN HAS STDIO?I HAS A VARGIMMEH VAR IZ VAR BIGGER THAN 10? YARLY BTW this is […]

  • The correct answer is: “A threesome.”

    If you and a couple of female friends ever get drunk together, and you get to talking about sex, and they ask you what your favourite sexual fantasy is, the correct answer is “A threesome.” This is because to a certain extent, they have the power to help you out in this quest. And the […]

  • Canadian?

    I know that a couple of you read this blog. Stay with me. This is important. The CIA factbook on Canada tells us it has a population of about 33 million. A little over half the population of the UK. They have a reasonably-sized film and television industry. Like the UK it’s supported in part […]

  • You gotta keep the devil way down in the hole…

    It’s possible that I may have raved about The Wire to you already. And urged you to buy the DVD not tomorrow but right now. Course, you might be too poor to afford that twenty quid. Fair enough. Well, there’s no excuse to not watch any more. Because The Guardian is going to be streaming […]

  • Bibliomancy

    Some more TV bibles for your reading pleasure. Three from Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin:She Wolf of LondonMartial LawDiagnosis Murder And one from Harlan Ellison and Ben Bova:The Starlost Earlier bible roundups here and here.

  • Hammer Time

    It was only a few years ago that I found out the truth about Hammer Films. As a youngster, I used to watch their movies as they came on the television late at night. Sex, death, blood, toplessness, and lesbianism. Obviously as a young teen these concepts had no effect on me at all. Hammer […]

  • Ah well.

    Just received news from the beeb; I’ve not made it through to the final round of the Drama Writers’ Academy. Which is a shame. Never mind. Onward! EDIT: Paul Campbell has though. Send some good wishes his way.

  • Radio Silence

    Am at the Screenwiters’ Festival for the rest of the week. It’s not that I don’t love you, it’s just that I don’t have a stable Internet connection. Normal service will be resumed some time next week. In the meantime, why don’t you turn off this computer and tell someone that you love them?