Month: February 2006

  • Songs for Children

    When I was a young boy, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents, and my great aunt. Mum and Dad both worked, so my brother and myself were looked after by Nanna, Poppa and Auntie Ann quite a lot of the time. They put you in a big white sheet,and tuck the corners […]

  • Never Mind The Post, Read The Comments

    …as Joss Whedon and Warren Ellis square off in the battle of the century. It’s the children I feel sorry for.

  • But when a man ties me up, my superpowers disappear

    For all those poor superheroes with Wonder Woman’s problem – a list of comics featuring female superheroes in bondage. And cover scans.

  • Internship at Working Title

    There are three apprenticeships available at Working Title this year. 12 months working for one of the big names in the British film industry, and a 12k bursary to boot. The deadline’s on the 22nd of February. Get applying. I will be.

  • The Mighty Warren Ellis

    Warren Ellis has created and written some of the best comic series ever. Planetary. Transmetropolitan. The Authority. For just three off the top of my head. Indeed, like The Mighty Stephen Hawking, he is fully deserving of the Mighty appelation. But what is it that makes someone worthy of that title? I think we can […]

  • Keeping it Quiet

    If you’ve spent any time on the West Coast, you’ll know In-N-Out. A burger chain that only exists in the states of Nevada, California, and Arizona. You can recognise them by the bright red plastic tops and the bright yellow arrow by the signage that just screams “Whooosh! Burger!” All of which is really just […]

  • Design Classics

    Here, a look at the evolution of games controllers. And here, check out 25 British Design Icons. And then vote on which one you think is the iconiest. It’s a tough call – there are some beautiful, functional designs in there, but I managed to choose one eventually. But really – the World Wide Web […]