Month: March 2008

  • Suddenly, I feel strangely professional

    The first time I’ve ever been interviewed, and it’s out now. You can read my witterings about how the state of modern SF is affected by the times in which we live in this month’s issue of SciFiNow, available from all good newsagents. Every time I think about it, I still get slightly surprised.

  • Slacktivism

    So, apparently Internet Petitions aren’t worth the photons they’re written with. Which might be considered a shame if, like me, you’d signed one recently in an attempt to get a second series of Being Human commissioned. Oops. This phenomenon is known as Slacktivism. It’s like activism, only it doesn’t require you to get your hands […]

  • Tell your grandchildren you were there…

    Jonathan Coulton is playing his first ever UK gig at Dingwalls in Camden this coming Thursday. If you don’t know JoCo, he’s behind some classic tunes including Re: Your Brains, a rather fine cover of Sir Mix-a-lot’s Baby Got Back and the, frankly, heartbreaking love song Code Monkey. Not to mention the fact that he […]

  • A Diet of Early Worms

    Just bought my ticket for this years Screenwriters Festival. There are 15 Early Bird tickets left as I post – save yourself thirty quid by picking one up now! More money-saving tips from last year.