Month: January 2007

  • Sheesh, Z-Day arrives and nobody bothers to call?

    Nicole Kidman had to go to hospital recently for a checkup after a minor car crash. Kidman’s publicist, Catherine Olim, said the star was trying to shake zombies off the bonnet of her Jaguar when the car spun off the road. “I think she’s OK,” said Ms Olim. The story in full.

  • I. Know. EVERYTHING!!!

    Huzzah! Last night I finally managed to catch up with the legendary pilot “Heat Vision and Jack”. Created in 1999, the pilot was directed by Ben Stiller and starred Jack Black and the voice of Owen Wilson. Jack is an astronaut on the run from Nasa, aided by his only friend Heat Vision, a talking […]

  • Title Goes Here

    Billy Mernit has sold his novel to Random House. Huzzah! Only one problem – he doesn’t have a title. And that’s why he needs your help. There’s even prizes. OK… So, not great prizes. But prizes nonetheless. And just think of the bragging rights.

  • Rogers nails it. Again.

    Damn but the man is good. John Rogers talks about the way he thinks new technology is going to impact viewing. To summarise: Big networks die and networks built on informational assessors will become the dominant guiding force. That was a bit of a mouthful. Let’s break it down. A TV network is a filtration […]

  • Homo-eroticism? Star Trek?

    Don’t believe a word of it. They’re just really good friends.