Month: March 2010

  • Eastercon Panels

    This year’s Eastercon is almost upon us. Hoorah! My panels this year are:Saturday 5pm “Tales From the White Hart” In homage to Arthur C Clarke’s short stories, panellists will be telling their own scientific tall tales. Although it’s in the programme as two hours long, I suspect it’s only going to last an hour, given […]

  • It’s not a given…

    So, there’s this TV show, right? About a character called Doctor Who. You can tell it’s about a character called “Doctor Who” because the show is called “Doctor Who” and in the credits for the first eighteen years or so, the character is called “Doctor Who”. (Or sometimes Dr. Who. But I think we can […]

  • Letters From America: Typical

    originally posted 6th May 2004— First, the good news: I’ve got a read. An agent has agreed to read my spec scripts. From a cold call. To say this is extremely lucky is to understate things by at least an order of magnitude. You don’t get reads from cold calls. You get reads from friends-of-friends, […]