Month: July 2009

  • Letters From America: Rubber, Drugs, and PVC

    originally posted 26th March 2004— So, here I am in San Jose for the rest of the week. The day before yesterday, I read a post on a screenwriting message board. It said “I have free tickets for the Game Designers Conference. Who wants some?” So I said yes, emailed Susannah to check that I […]

  • It’s people like you that spoil it for everyone else.

    So I go away for a week to visit my girlfriend’s family and run with the bulls – I’m fine, thank you for asking – and manage to avoid most of the Torchwood spoilers. Some of which will likely appear in this post. You have been warned. So I come back, gulp down the lot, […]

  • Letters From America: A good day, on the whole.

    originally posted 8th March 2004— Draft Zero of the Enterprise spec is finished. It’s not a First Draft. It’s not at that level yet. What it has, is enough words to fill fifty pages in screenplay format. Now that the final “Fade out.” has been typed, I’ve printed it out and read it end-to-end for […]