My Space

It’s the new blog craze that’s sweeping the nation.

Here’s a picture of my workspace. Like so many others, it doubles as my bedroom. The bed’s just to your left.

Since this picture was taken, El Pais has been covered with at least another three layers of cruft. Occasionally all of the magazines on the desk fall off onto the floor to the left.

I like to think of these as the tidy times.

Here’s a look at the shelves to the left, plus a giant Pikachu. I must try and get him back into his PokeBall, else he jumps on the bed in the night and wakes me up. It’s like having a cat, only with added electrocution.

William Gallagher, Michelle Lipton, and Helen Smith, I pass the baton to you.

(It’s an infinitely divisible baton. I can do that.)

7 responses to “My Space”

  1. Should I be jealous of you folk with actual writing desks?

    Also, I was going to make a sarky comment about being added to your list of UK bloggers, but I see I now also get a category of my own. As it should be!

  2. I’m really liking the “On Strike” sign… might have to make me one of those… 🙂

    Also, Jennifer, you are not alone! My only writing space is my own two legs as I lean my laptop on them whilst sitting somewhere or other… Won’t it be fabulous when we get our own desks one day?!

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