My first short


I wrote and directed a short film.

Here it is.


11 responses to “My first short”

  1. Hooray! Congratulations! I like the way you just decided to make a short film, all those months ago, then went ahead and did it.

    Congratulations also, for suggesting we didn’t indulge in after-hours drinking last night. I’m on Alka Seltzer as it is…

  2. I love shorts and this is of a really high standard for a first. It’s really tight.

    I love films that make me go “ooh and ahh.” I made an “ooh!” in one spot. Very unexpected. Well done!

  3. All Quicktime does is update itself, every fucking day there seems to be a new update – none of which ever work properly.

    Still no sound for me – any chance of a YouTube release?

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