Month: October 2009

  • Enter. Enter. Zero. Stop.

    Hoorah! I’m happy to be able (at last) to officially say that I’m one of the writers on 0110: Twisted Tales & Glorious. It’s a new series that’s inspired by and touching the disturbing, the odd, and the strange. And it has a unique, fractal production, with individual short tales twisted together in many different […]

  • Go on, say hello.

    I’m off to Cheltenham next week for the Screenwriters’ Festival. You can find my thoughts on previous years by checking out this handy-dandy magic blogspot tag thing. Executive summary: it’s excellent, and well worth the money. You can still get tickets from the festival website. If you’re going to be coming along too and it’s […]

  • Letters From America: Jobs for the boy

    originally posted 2nd May 2004— Well, my second spec script is finished. As with the first one, we’re having a table read in my apartment block next Sunday. A bunch of actors and writers will come over, sit around our ping-pong table, and read my words aloud. During this, I get to see where it […]

  • Cookie Monster is not having any of your nonsense

    As you probably know, characters on Sesame Street will often sing songs naming, for example, things that begin with the same letter. Here’s Cookie Monster’s take on the issue.