Month: January 2009

  • I am an oppressor

    I’m just back from having a read over at the Guardian of Julie Bindel’s latest rant. Here’s a quick summary: Lesbianism can (and should) be a political choice All men are evil Now, number one on that list, I happen to agree with. At least the “can” part. Seems like a bit of a strange […]

  • Letters From America: Good News For Comedy Fans

    originally sent on the 19th February, 2004the original URL now gives no information; replaced with the copy referenced at— My name was not picked out of the hat this week. I shall return each weekuntil they damn well do. In the meantime, why not draw up a seat closer to the fire – yes […]

  • Dear John

    Paying a reader to give you notes on your script is like paying a prostitute to give you notes on your sexual technique. Yes, they’re a professional.Yes, they’re good at what they do.And yes, if you’re just starting out there’s a case to be made that advice from someone who’s been around the blocks a […]

  • A mere 12 out of 30

    I-Spot Guide to the worst films ever. I honestly thought I’d get more than that. Catwoman’s on the shelf at home. That’ll help.

  • Good and Bad

    Memed by the delightful Lara to answer the following question: “When it comes to writing, what do you know you’re good at, and what aspect of writing are you worst at? (Procrastination is not permitted as either part of the answer.)” What do I know I’m good at? Nothing, for sure yet. I’m still moving […]