Month: March 2007

  • Won’t you be my friend, Martha Jones?

    Apparently my old mate Martha has finally got herself a myspace account. She’s training to be a doctor you know. We were supposed to catch up tonight at seven, but she just called to cancel. Looks like she might be busy.

  • Sanctuary

    noun (pl. sanctuaries) 1 a place of refuge or safety. 2 a nature reserve. 3 a place where injured or unwanted animals are cared for. 4 a holy place. 5 the part of the chancel of a church containing the high altar. ORIGIN originally denoting a church or sacred place in which, by law, a […]

  • Pimpin’ the day job

    The BBC writersroom blog is now live. Join the conversation.

  • Sanctuary

    Ooh, interesting. Up here in the rooftops, one of the things we look out for is new financial models for TV shows. D2DVD for instance. Which is why this caught my attention: Damian Kindler has, among other things, co-exec produced Stargate for several years. He’s now working on a new show of his own. But […]

  • Watch and Learn

    If you’re interested in film and television, you’ve probably watched a commentary track or two. A commentary track’s where someone involved in the film (usually director, writer or star, but can be anyone) comes along into a recording studio and, usually armed with beer and pretzels, commences to talk over the film as it plays […]

  • Andy Barker Online

    There’s a new show out called Andy Barker PI. It’s a comedy about an accountant turned private eye. Pedigree’s good (Jane Espenson, Conan O’Brien, Andy Richter), and the reviews coming in are strong. So they’ve scheduled it against Grey’s Anatomy and CSI. Good: There’s no comedy in that slot on the other channels. So it […]

  • Ha ha. Very funny.

    A rather fine idea to raise money for Comic Relief, involving the creation of a book from vaguely amusing old blog posts in less than a week. It’s like Victor Frankenstein, only with humour. If you’re from or living in the UK, find out how to recycle your old blog posts for charity here. And […]

  • Apocrypha

    Some more show bibles have appeared (or re-appeared in the case of Dark Skies) on the Internet since my original bible round-up, so I thought I’d better let you have a look at them too. The Crow: Stairway to Heaven – Bryce ZabelDark Skies – Bryce Zabel and Brent FriedmanCallan – James Mitchell And if you’d […]

  • International Screenwriters Festival, Take Two

    And when I say International, what I actually mean is In The UK. In 2006, a bunch of brave souls attempted to set up a screenwriting festival outside of the US mainland. While by all accounts there were some teething troubles, it generally did well enough to return for an encore this year. It’s divvied […]

  • Hang about, Watson. This ginger gentleman has a wicked insane story to tell us.

    A classic Sherlock Holmes story is taken out back and given a good kicking in the thrilling tale of The Red-Headed League.