Month: November 2008

  • Lucid Dreaming

    As dreaming’s been coming up a lot recently in blogs I read, I thought it might be a good idea to teach you all how to lucid dream. Lucid dreaming is when you know that you’re dreaming, and can control the dream. I seem to recall reading a few years back that the most popular […]

  • A Little Knowledge

    A while back I re-watched Firefly on DVD. It’s a Western. With Spaceships. It’s also bloody marvellous, and if you can’t cope with the collision of those two genres I’m sorry – but you’re missing out on a fantastically well-made TV show. (This has no relevance at all to the content of this post. I […]

  • What the Dickens

    Ooh! It’s a shiny announcement! My adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol will be playing at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre in Kentish Town this Christmas. Previews start on the 9th of December, while the show proper opens on the 16th December and runs through till January 3rd 2009. Good, eh? More information and […]

  • 10,000 hours

    That’s how long it takes to get to be a world-class expert at something. Or 8,000 if you merely want to be good. There’s an extract from Malcolm Gladwell’s new book over at The Guardian today, which backs up my earlier post on the irrelevance of talent. My thesis there, backed up by Gladwell, is […]

  • Letters from America: How to Write for Television

    originally sent 14 Feb 2004— Well, the first script is finished, so I thought I’d update everyone on what I’ve discovered about how the TV & Film business works in LA. Over here they just call it “The Industry”. I’m concentrating on TV, so I need a minimum of two spec scripts for current TV […]