Month: May 2006

  • All of us are in the gutter.

    Let’s take a moment to look at Star Trek’s holodeck. We know that it is capable of creating realistic facsimiles of an environment through the use of force-fields and matter conversion systems, such as are used in the replicator units. A replicator can make any one of a number of foodstuffs, materialising it from raw […]

  • Ding Ding! The challenger is bloodied but unbowed…

    The gloves are off in this comments thread over at The Artful Writer as various A-listers debate what a Writers’ Guild should do for its membership. Educational.

  • It’s the Arockalypse

    Ah, Eurovision time again. A little history: Back in 1954, a consortium of Television Companies in Europe, the European Broadcasting Union, began to share their programmes across a Europe-wide network. At first by landline, later by satellite. This network was named Eurovision. As well as sharing plays, documentaries, and sports programmes across the network, the […]

  • Coupling: How it all ends.

    Steven Moffat is one of the greatest TV writers in the world. Coupling is probably the show he’s best known for. It lasted four series in the UK. He’s also written for Doctor Who. As well as being a bit of a fan. So when someone asked him on the Outpost Gallifrey message board what […]

  • Resourceful

    You might want to check out the posts over at Doris Egan’s LJ. She’s been a writer on (inter alia) Tru Calling, Skin, Smallville, Dark Angel, and (now) House. On the downside, she only posts about twice a year.On the upside, it’s all good, including techniques, behind-the-scenes stories, and a picture of the whiteboard laying […]

  • An open letter to William Shatner

    Dear Bill Everyone I know adores Has Been. Is there any chance that you could take it on tour? I, and many other people that I know, would gladly pay good money to hear your inimitable vocal stylings live. Also, while walking home tonight I could not get your rendition of “Just the Way You […]

  • Back to the board

    Another draft of Persephone put in the metaphorical drawer, and it’s time to start writing my second feature. Same rules as before: two months to commit a first draft to paper and never mind the quality, feel the width. I’m facing off against William and Christine, who will keep me honest. I highly recommend having […]

  • Yo, welcome to the Spock casa.

    Star Trek: Cribs.

  • Speaking Truthiness to Power

    It has hardly touched the mainstream media, and troubles not the UK, but apparently there was a bit of a kerfuffle at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. It goes like this: Every year the President of the United States and the White House Press Corps have a black tie dinner. Speeches are made. The President […]

  • Whose side are you on?

    The bad news is that Sky One have cancelled Hex and Dream Team. The good news is that the programming budget freed up by this is going to make a new series of The Prisoner. If you haven’t seen The Prisoner already, go and buy it now. I’ll wait. Back? Good. While you’re waiting for […]