Month: December 2007

  • Blame Paul Cornell for bringing it to my attention

    I’m certain that you, like me, rue the fact that Character Options, creators and purveyors of fine action figures, currently do not have in their inventory a figure of Doctor Who’s erstwhile companion Harry Sullivan with his foot stuck in a giant clam. Fortunately, there now exists a way for you to remedy this oversight.

  • A door just fell on me.

    Walking into work just now, I opened one of those ten feet high doors made of solid wood. (Not randomly. I have to in order to get to my desk.) At which point it fell off its hinges. Fortunately I was able to step to one side before being squashed like a bug. After checking […]

  • I went on a negotiating course once, you know

    So, here we are again. The AMPTP has thrown the toys out of the pram, and my cautious optimism has come to naught. Let’s delve a little deeper. Datestamp: 6th December 2007Nikki Finke reports rumours that the AMPTP has no intention of making a deal, and is planning to storm out of the talks Datestamp: […]

  • The latest news from the world of airport security

    So, Loli and I dropped off a friend at the airport yesterday, and it turns out that they have a new question at the check-in desk. “Have you left any electrical device with someone else to be repaired since the last time you used it?” Fair enough. That laptop could be full of all sorts […]

  • Most of you can safely ignore this entry. For the rest of us… w00t!

    So… the BBC have licenced a tabletop Doctor Who Roleplaying Game. The company – Cubicle 7 – are based in London and have a couple of games under their belt. So far so good. Best news? They’re looking for playtesters. I’ll see the five of you that are interested over in their forums. 🙂

  • It’s possible you may have forgotten…

    A year ago, I made a bet with each of the following people. Lee Thomson.Christine Patton.Lucy Vee.Lianne.William Gallagher. Details of what they have to do before midnight on New Year’s Eve to win a bottle of champagne are here and here. Consider this your reminder, people.