Songs of Innocence and Experience

Some time ago Blogful Martin tagged me with the following meme: Imagine you’re in a particular kind of movie, and what your soundtrack will be.

So, some time later, here we go:

SF Revenge Thriller
I’m a bent police officer who gets shot before the opening credits. But they missed my heart. Reborn as a murderous cyborg, I destroy all my enemies, wiring them into my own personal half-human half-machine killing monstrosity, before being killed by my female cop ex-best-friend. We may even have dated at some point.
Soundtrack: Left Me For Dead by Rob Dougan

Transexual Love Story
I’m a sexist bastard who falls in love with a beautiful woman. Her love makes me a better person, until I find out she started life as a man. This one plays just after I find out and dump her. I wander the streets upset and alone, while she looks out of her window. Much rain is involved.
Soundtrack: As Girls Go by Suzanne Vega

Welsh Comedy
It might be me that’s Welsh; it might be the female lead. Either way it’s a comedy dealing with the struggle of being poor, self-actualisation, and proving to everybody that Wales is better than you think it is. There’s almost certainly romance involved, and a really bizarre plan.
Soundtrack: International Velvet by Catatonia

Vampire Movie
An old industrial district – I’m the policeman investigating those naughty underground ravers. There was a murder at the rave, blood drained from the body. My investigations lead me back to the industrial district, late at night, when someone – or something seems to be stalking me.
Soundtrack: Blood Makes Noise by Suzanne Vega
Sadly, I am not the lead in this movie, and it is at this point I get eaten.

Serial Killer Movie
I’m a nasty, fucked-up serial killer. With a gap of fifteen years between nasty murders. Fortunately for the public at large, a cop’s on my tail. Probably Denzel Washington. And at the moment he realises that these murders aren’t the first to be done in this particular style, we run a montage of him investigating under this.
Soundtrack: History Repeating by Propellerheads (featuring Miss Shirley Bassey).

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