What We Need More Of Is Science

Interesting news just in from Variety.

It seems that Jerry Bruckheimer Productions have sealed a deal with CBS to produce an adaptation of Stephen Gallagher‘s series Eleventh Hour.

I’ve talked about why Eleventh Hour failed before. To save you clicking on the link: for a series that was supposed to be about science, the producers didn’t care about science.

This is akin to the producers of House making up diseases. It fundamentally destroys the concept of the show.

But here’s the thing: Jerry Bruckheimer gets procedurals. And Eleventh Hour (the platonic concept, not what actually aired) is a science procedural in the same way that House is a medical procedural.

And the director of the pilot? Danny Cannon, who directed the CSI pilot.

The entrails, my friends, are looking good.

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  1. I watched the first episode of Eleventh Hour, but gave up in the first ten minutes when Captain Picard explained to a policeman what DNA was.

    No wonder they needed help solving the crimes.

    An Anerican version … we’ll see.

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