1. My genuinely favourite D&D monster was the Gelatinous Cube. A square cube of jelly, inside which you can see the remains of its victims. Coooool!

    Think you and I will ever be given awards for mainstream sensibilities, sir?

  2. I, too, have a huge soft jelly-like spot for the Gelatinous Cube.

    How else could all those 10′ corridors stay so clean and shiny, and not full of the corpses of adventurers?

    Why because a giant 10′ cube of jelly sweeps ’em clean, of course.

    Ah, dungeon ecology. Good times.

    I’m thinking the answer to the question is no.

  3. That was brilliant. I thought the duckbunny had it until I got to the Giant Vampire Frog.

    Also, pleased to see my suspicion that all screenwriters are into D&D continues unabated.

    p.s. The word verification key for this post was ‘ujulbjgg’, which I believe was a lawful neutral cross between a slug and a mammoth. Never made it into the 3rd ed.

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