Hooray For Us!

This just in from the Guardian:

Being Human, the flatshare-with-monsters show that I raved about along with Oli, Jason, Rob, and David has been commissioned to series.

Not only does this prove that we are all gentlemen of exquisite taste, but also that quality genre series have a home on British TV, and that willing something to happen really hard can make it occur.

For the next demonstration of my psychic powers, not only will I get scripts for a new TV series of Blake’s 7 commissioned, I will make it happen yesterday.

[concentrates REALLY HARD]


13 responses to “Hooray For Us!”

  1. We are very, very influential indeed. And I can’t stress enough, just how much we rule.

    Did I dream this, Beckley, or did we really discuss the existence/non-existence of God for a good hour last night? And why does someone appear to have inserted a dead stoat into my brain?

  2. The dead animal in my brain appears to be a badger.

    And yes sir, we did indeed discuss the existence/nonexistence of that imaginary fucker. Just before the crazed mustelid attack.

  3. You weasels. You made me look up mustelids. And I’m confused. Is flipping the table over the method for questioning belief systems? And what came first. The table of the flipping.

  4. Oh and well done on getting Being Human back. For your next campaign can you shout for a 2 days working week and 5 day weekend. Or did Heath try that a few years ago.

  5. Far Away: Survey’s already done. Lab? Not ringing any bells… A clue?

    Rach: On the other side of the table are diagrams. That or weaponry stuck there with gaffer tape. Depends on whether I’m feeling expository or executional.

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