7 Replies to “The Five Stages of Grief”

  1. Obviously, in such cases one has to look for the silver lining. And at least now that Boris has won and I have read this post, I know all about Godwin’s Law, which I hadn’t heard of before.

    So that’s one good thing.

    Although I might be a bit guilty of Godwinning myself, over on my blog.

    Also, perhaps he will sort out the cycle lanes?

    Otherwise – gah.

  2. No credible candidates for me, no ‘None of the above box’, and lo I am made disenfranchised, so it’s not my fault.

    “No taxation without representation”, if applied, would make me considerably better off financially, I have to say.


  3. Hmm… that’s bad news for me if I’m planning to stay in the UK for a long time. Maybe not in the near future, though. Or probably never.

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