Rogers Moore

John Rogers is a rather fine screenwriter. His works include the vastly under-rated The Core, and a pilot for a Global Frequency TV show (which, sadly, wasn’t picked up).

He also wrote one of the drafts of Catwoman, and was unfortunate enough to have his name on the finished product. But he’s really sorry about that.

Anyhoo, he and Dean Devlin have received a 13-episode order for new series Leverage from TNT.


But the best bit is this: not only is he blogging right now about the nitty-gritty of running a writers room, he’ll also answer questions left in the comments section.

And for another perspective on what goes on in a writers room, check out showrunner Ron Moore’s podcasts for Battlestar Galactica. Not only does he do commentaries on all the episodes, occasionally he’ll take the recorder into the writers room and you can hear the writers break the episode.

I tell you, the Internet is full of goodness.

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  1. Great link.

    Pain in the arse, though, because I’ve been working on something called The Lillywhite Boys with pretty much exactly the same premise as Leverage. Bugger.

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