You gotta keep the devil way down in the hole…

It’s possible that I may have raved about The Wire to you already. And urged you to buy the DVD not tomorrow but right now.

Course, you might be too poor to afford that twenty quid. Fair enough.

Well, there’s no excuse to not watch any more. Because The Guardian is going to be streaming the episodes from their website.

Should be live from this URL by tomorrow.

Off you go.

And as to the terrestrial networks that failed to acquire this series, allowing a newspaper to beat them to one of the finest pieces of television ever made: You, sirs and madams, are fools.

7 responses to “You gotta keep the devil way down in the hole…”

  1. That is astonishing. But given that no-one watches The Sopranos, viewing figure wise, even fewer would presumably watch The Wire, which, arguably, is more demanding and complex.

  2. It might even be a loss-leader: I’d probably put it on one of the terrestrial digital channels to drive sampling and to re-inforce the perception of quality in a channel that might be either a) looking to move upmarket or b) already be upmarket but need some more popularity.

    So I think it’s a good fit for either C4 or BBC4 myself.

    Whereas what’s now happened is that the Guardian have got themselves some mighty fine PR and re-inforced their brand richly.

  3. The other way to watch these things cheap is rent them out yr local library – My local has box sets for £1.50/ £2.50 pw, so if you have a real marathon you can watch a series for a fiver.

    I’m working my way through thier stock -The Wire’s on my list, trouble is, everyone who’s seen it seems so damn lukewarm about it…

  4. Now that I’m reduced to only analogue TV because of PVR malfunction, it might be the time to finally watch The Wire. But is the Guardian showing more than just the first episode? It seems not from Charlie Brooker’s comments on the website. I might just invest in the box sets.

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