I know that a couple of you read this blog. Stay with me. This is important.

The CIA factbook on Canada tells us it has a population of about 33 million. A little over half the population of the UK.

They have a reasonably-sized film and television industry. Like the UK it’s supported in part by the government.

Unlike the UK, several of its channels carry US programming. Not just day-and-date, but day-and-date-and-hour. This means that Canada has some additional problems with its own TV industry that we don’t have – their shows are up directly against one of the largest TV markets in the world.

Who given very little encouragement would drive right over any Canadian shows. So producers can get some money towards specifically Canadian shows from the public funds, if they meet certain criteria.

I don’t think this is a bad thing.

Something new is going down. Specifically, a proposal to allow some of the public money to be available for productions with non-Canadians.

Denis McGrath tells you why you should care about this new proposal and what you can do about it.

Please visit and read. And if you agree with Denis’s point of view: write to the CRTC.

It won’t take long, and might help save your indigenous TV industry.

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