Some more TV bibles for your reading pleasure.

Three from Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin:
She Wolf of London
Martial Law
Diagnosis Murder

And one from Harlan Ellison and Ben Bova:
The Starlost

Earlier bible roundups here and here.

6 responses to “Bibliomancy”

  1. Oh, marvellous! And not only that, but the Alias pilot too!

    I had to leave my copy behind when I left the US, which has been distressing me ever since.

    Read it and weep, people.

    Now that’s how you construct a pilot episode.

  2. Think their server might be a bit flakey – I got an error when I clicked through ten minutes ago.

    Anyhow, it seems to be up again now – the bible starts about halfway down the page.

  3. Google’s bastard buggy Page Creator won’t let me edit the main page, but I’ve updated the pilots’ page with lots of new season scripts, including Bionic Woman (not bad), Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (pretty good), Reaper (great), and Pushing Daisies (fantastic).

    Remember, hush hush and QT, lest the cease and desists start flying.

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