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  • The London Screenwriting Gin Festival

    I went to The London Screenwriters’ Festival last year. Successor to the now-defunct Cheltenham Screenwriters’ Festival, it’s a good way to meet other writers and learn from those already doing well in the business. I had a great time, met some lovely people, and would thoroughly recommend going. As you may have seen elsewhere on […]

  • Go on, say hello.

    I’m off to Cheltenham next week for the Screenwriters’ Festival. You can find my thoughts on previous years by checking out this handy-dandy magic blogspot tag thing. Executive summary: it’s excellent, and well worth the money. You can still get tickets from the festival website. If you’re going to be coming along too and it’s […]

  • Second Stage Launch

    So I was at the launch do for the Screenwriters’ Festival last night. This was actually the second launch. We reckon they can probably fit one more in before the festival itself, which is October 26th to 29th. In addition to a glass of free wine (which always cheers me up) and some starspotting in […]

  • Screenwriters Festival

    Fortunately Lee Thomson (he smiles, you know) has a roundup of other people’s thoughts on the festival which means that I don’t have to. I believe some comedic pictures of the event may also be available from Jason Arnopp. The majority of them, sadly, are on facebook, and I find myself completely unable to recollect […]

  • The Beckley-Arnopp Cheltenham Scribomeet

    If you, like Jason Arnopp and I, are going to the Cheltenham Screenwriters Festival this year, you may have several things on your mind. Like “I don’t know any of these high-powered people. How will I get over my shyness and speak to anyone?” Or “Whose round is it?” Fortunately both of those questions can […]

  • A Diet of Early Worms

    Just bought my ticket for this years Screenwriters Festival. There are 15 Early Bird tickets left as I post – save yourself thirty quid by picking one up now! More money-saving tips from last year.

  • Radio Silence

    Am at the Screenwiters’ Festival for the rest of the week. It’s not that I don’t love you, it’s just that I don’t have a stable Internet connection. Normal service will be resumed some time next week. In the meantime, why don’t you turn off this computer and tell someone that you love them?

  • Screenwriters’ Festival

    Well, that’s my hotel booked for the Screenwriters’ Festival. Apparently it’s like Glastonbury. Only without the drugs or the music, and with added writing and decent toilets. OK, not much like Glastonbury at all then. Instead, it’s four days of hanging out with other people in the industry, going to lectures, talking to writers and […]

  • International Screenwriters Festival, Take Two

    And when I say International, what I actually mean is In The UK. In 2006, a bunch of brave souls attempted to set up a screenwriting festival outside of the US mainland. While by all accounts there were some teething troubles, it generally did well enough to return for an encore this year. It’s divvied […]