International Screenwriters Festival, Take Two

And when I say International, what I actually mean is In The UK.

In 2006, a bunch of brave souls attempted to set up a screenwriting festival outside of the US mainland. While by all accounts there were some teething troubles, it generally did well enough to return for an encore this year.

It’s divvied up into two parts, one for n00bs and one for pros.

Last time, I was too broke to go to the pro days, and didn’t think it worthwhile going to the beginners area. Which was a good decision by all accounts.  They claim to have fixed it this time by sprinkling more pro stuff into the n00b days, and by opening the pro days up to everyone. 

So I guess the only question is, just the pro days, or go to all four?

Decisions, decisions…

2 responses to “International Screenwriters Festival, Take Two”

  1. One of my best mates runs the Cineworld in Cheltnam. I had free access to everything last year and …

    I didn’t go. Screenwriters annoy the piss out of me, whiny bastards.

    Oh wait, I’m one of those whiny bastards. Damn it. I wonder if I can swing freebies again this year?

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