Girl Number 9

I didn’t want to blog about these episodes until I’d seen them and could truthfully say “Yes, I recommend this.”

Yes, I recommend this.

Girl Number 9 is an original drama made for the web by Television’s James Moran and Dan Turner of Splendid infamy.

Each of the six episodes is about five minutes long (not exactly, though, and not all the same length – we don’t have to worry about hitting timeslots on the web), and shot using professional kit and crew with strong, well-known talent in the three lead roles.

(That would be Tracy-Ann Oberman, Joe Absolom, and Gareth David-Lloyd then.)

Over the last week, they’ve been releasing an episode a day onto the Internets, and you can watch all six episodes – at least until the end of November – online. After that, in order to view them we’re talking a nice shiny DVD with oodles of bonus material. And there may also be pay-to-watch online or sponsored viewings.

Shall we call it the Horrible Model? It has a certain ring to it, and this way of monetising new drama may well be something that we see more of over the next few years.

So, most importantly, what’s the series like?

Dark. Darker than you expect. And then a bit darker than that, too.

And also, very very good.

Watch all six episodes for free while you can at at

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