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  • Selling the Sizzle

    The above is the sizzle reel for a new SF show called Slingers produced by sleepydog. Looks interesting, no? Lovely sexy Rat Pack vibe, a nice look-and-feel, enough obvious pros to feel comfortable with the people behind it, and enough meat on the bones for me to think it has legs. OK, going a bit […]

  • Girl Number 9

    I didn’t want to blog about these episodes until I’d seen them and could truthfully say “Yes, I recommend this.” Yes, I recommend this. Girl Number 9 is an original drama made for the web by Television’s James Moran and Dan Turner of Splendid infamy. Each of the six episodes is about five minutes long […]

  • He Sells Sanctuary

    Trade news today: Web series Sanctuary, created by Stargate alumnus Damian Kindler, has just been picked up for 13 episodes by SciFi. I actually interviewed him about it a while back, so nice to see it’s all working out well. This is the second web series within as many months that’s been acquired by a […]

  • Will there ever be a market for a D2DVD series?

    Yesterday, the first disc of the new D2DVD Babylon 5 series was made available to pre-order on Amazon US. At the time of this writing they are #6 in the Amazon US sales chart. So I guess that answers that question, then.

  • Sanctuary

    noun (pl. sanctuaries) 1 a place of refuge or safety. 2 a nature reserve. 3 a place where injured or unwanted animals are cared for. 4 a holy place. 5 the part of the chancel of a church containing the high altar. ORIGIN originally denoting a church or sacred place in which, by law, a […]

  • Sanctuary

    Ooh, interesting. Up here in the rooftops, one of the things we look out for is new financial models for TV shows. D2DVD for instance. Which is why this caught my attention: Damian Kindler has, among other things, co-exec produced Stargate for several years. He’s now working on a new show of his own. But […]

  • Direct to DVD

    It seems that Babylon 5 creator Joe Straczynski will be making some D2DVD stories set in the B5 Universe. Aint It Cool and Jan report on the announcement at Comic-Con. Interestingly, neither Variety or The Hollywood Reporter have picked up on this story at the time of posting. Some interesting points: 1) I listed Straczynski […]

  • D2DVD – Number Crunching

    Based on the Arguments set out in the last post, we have a 13-episode D2DVD TV series created by a famous showrunner and pre-sold to one overseas territory. Now let’s take a look at the business argument. The RRP of a Firefly box-set (a 13-episode series) is $50 for 13 episodes plus commentaries, extras, etc. […]

  • D2DVD – the series

    The very clever Mr Bill Cunningham believes that the time is right for a D2DVD television series. So, let’s take a look at some of the requirements needed for success. Axiom One:We want quality entertainment. Axiom Two:We are here to make a profit. OK, what can we derive from that? First things first. Quality entertainment. […]