Oh, the Humanity!

Finally got round to watching Being Human last night.

Well that was rather fucking fine.

You can watch Being Human online here for the next couple of days. After that, you may have to resort to the usual channels.

Like Buffy the Vampire Slayer (“She’s a cheerleader! She slays vampires!”), the setup itself gives no clue as to the goodness within.

You hear: “A Vampire, a Werewolf, and a Ghost share a house,” and you think: “Sitcom.”

This is not a sitcom. This is an accomplished drama, and the story engines are revving mightily.

The clue is in the title: These are people who desperately want (like so many of us) to be normal. And (like so many of us) aren’t.

Solid reviews from The London Paper and The Times.

Now, I don’t know how BBC3 commissioning works. It may be that they have already blown their new drama budget for the year on Phoo Action.

But if you saw Being Human and liked it, there is a petition to get a series commission here.

It would not kill you to visit.

8 responses to “Oh, the Humanity!”

  1. Can you guarantee, 100%, it would NOT kill me to visit this site? Hmmm?

    After all, I could be electrocuted by my laptop. Or perhaps the ceiling would fall in over the spot where I usually sit. If I were making dinner instead of visiting the site you recommend, I could be spared.

    I will give it more thought.

    BTW, aren’t the words “A werewolf, vampire and a ghost sharing a house” and “accomplished drama” a contradiction in terms?

  2. Oh come on boys, you can do better than that! I was being DELIBERATELY provocative there. Must I get my cyber boobs out as well to get a reaction????

  3. Been on link. Signed up. Still here. Unless I’m a ghost. Dramatic pause. OK stabbing myself with a pencil hurt.

    Oh and what they said. Took me completely by surprise.

  4. I was rather fond of it/loved it to tiny little pieces, as I document here. Best new British programme since Life on Mars.

    If it doesn’t get commissioned because of Phoo Action, there may very well be angry peasants with pitchforks descending on TV centre. Which would be appropriate, I suppose.

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