Look At Him

Jason Arnopp recently had a showing of his new short film Look At Me. (trailer)

Great fun was had by all. A precursor, no doubt, of greater things to come.

His next task? A feature with a working title of ASK. Director Dan Turner offers a prize to those hardy souls who can guess what it stands for.

And if you don’t look forward to it then Jason and I will hunt you down with our giant floating hands and destroy you while you sleep.

Let’s not make any bones about it.
This is a bona fide threat.

One response to “Look At Him”

  1. Damn straight it’s a bona fide threat! Our floating hands of doom take no prisoners.

    Thanks again for attending, Mr B. You were a star – albeit a star who tried to get Dan and I to drink tequila. Bad Beckley!

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