Dear America: We’re really sorry.

By my reckoning, the worst of the psychic shockwave should hit at about eleven Eastern Standard. Eight Pacific.

How were we to know that the dreams of a million terrified children would rupture the fabric of spacetime, allowing creatures from the dawn of the universe access to the world?

Steven Moffat and the rest of the Doctor Who production team have, of course, been executed. But I fear it’s already too late. For all of us.

Don’t watch episode ten of the new series of Doctor Who.

And whatever you do: don’t blink.

4 responses to “Dear America: We’re really sorry.”

  1. Blink is a terrifying little story and lets everyone know you can do more with less. Creatures that become statues only if you keep looking at them – brilliant.

    I did however smell the stench of fanfic on this one, and saw that Blink started out as a short story in DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE.

    All that aside, I liked the episode. Ms. Mulligan was a delight to watch (the camera loves her!) and it was truly heartbreaking to see her at the detective’s bedside.

    I for one wouldn’t mind seeing further adventures of Sally Sparrow, co-owner of an antiquarian books and rare DVDs Shop. Think of it – a pretty girl with all that arcane knowledge at her fingertips who solves supernatural and pop culture crimes. Work in the idea that “weirdness is always just around the corner, under your bed or in the closet”; and add to it that brit comics/dime novels/b- movies of yesteryear documented these creatures’ activities…

    and you have the television equivalent of ALBION and PLANETARY (with a gorgeous female lead).

  2. I can’t help thinking a small mirror balanced on the angels’ outstretched arms would have fucked them up good and proper.

    Also, the Doctor says you can’t kill stone: give me a sledge hammer and I’d have a bloody good go.

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