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Top news. James Moran (of Severance fame) has only got not one, but two of the best jobs going – not only is he writing for the next series of Torchwood, it’s just been announced he’s got a gig on the next series of Doctor Who!

Brilliant news.

We’re all trying to club together to buy him a pet dinosaur because, frankly, it’s the only thing that could even approach this level of excitement.

Dig deep.

5 responses to “Give generously”

  1. I want a pet dinosaur… But only so it can eat ALL OF YOU GEEKS! ; ) Besides there are real dinosaurs at The Natural History Museum. What more can you want.

    Got a Q for anyone who can answer it: what does it take to get a meeting and/or development at the BBC Writers’ Room? I know there’s that flow chart, but I also know they don’t send stuff for 2nd reads now, plus I’ve had no less than TWO scripts solicited now and I’m no further ahead… Or seems that way. Is this the “monitoring” they talk about on the website? Brain melting. Any help appreciated. I may even donate to your dino fund.

  2. Cheers! Just make sure it’s not a raptor, they chew up the curtains something terrible. Oh, and they kill you, obviously. I’ve actually got a wooden raptor skeleton, one of those puzzle things. He’s called Ralphy. I’ve said too much.

    Lucy, come on, you’ve outed yourself as a sci-fi fan, you can no longer take the high ground. One of us, one of us, gooble-gobble, one of us…

  3. I can’t be a sci-fi fan James and neither can you, you’re a published SF writer and everything, you must FROWN on the term sci-fi, Good Dog says so over on my blog… ; )

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